About AlbumTrato Corporation

The name AlbumTrato is a combination of the word "album" and the Filipino word "litrato" which means a photograph. AlbumTrato was established by Jovane "Aca" Armocilla and Renato "Natz" Colina in early February 2016 from their humble home in Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines. Before establishing the business in 2016, both Renato and Jovane already had years of experience making customized photo albums from different companies where they used to work, which gave them more than 12 years of experience under their belt.

Now, even after years in the industry, the duo still continually develops their skills as craftsmen by constantly innovating their products and developing new designs to keep up with the ever-changing market demand. In line with that, AlbumTrato is making sure that the quality and durability of each of their product is a top priority, the same reason why their product is 99% hand-crafted by an elite group of craftsmen trained by Renato and Jovane themselves.

With our official slogan that says, "Keeping memories on every page," our mission here at AlbumTrato is to be able to make, produce, and develop products (photo albums) where people can store their precious memories and make them last for generations to come. Because we know those wonderful memories from the past can help shape us into whatever we would like to become in the future. 

For general questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us directly through our email address below or through our Contact Us page.